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Here's a little more information about me.


I was the Maremma Club secretary for three years. In that time, almost weekly, members contacted me in an effort to surrender their dogs to our club rescue organization. I became aware of the high rate of failure for LGDs in this country, as well as learning the common reasons owners wanted to give up their dogs. So, I know a lot about the issues rescue dogs may present their new owners.


Re-training LGDs is not my specialty; indeed, hearing about so many "failed" LGDs really encouraged me to dig in and make sure none of my dogs would ever require re-training. In my early days of being educated by Maremmas I made some of the common mistakes owners make with LGDs. Thankfully, I was able to bring my own dogs past these mistakes on my part, and the lessons I learned from my mismanagement assisted me in understanding how to not make those same mistakes again. Instead, I went on to make different mistakes of lesser consequence! The learning curve continues.


Over the last few years, I have managed my ranch with the assistance of twenty to forty Maremmas on a daily basis. Benson Maremmas has successfully produced and placed close to one hundred Maremma puppies. Most of them were placed as trained adolescent dogs, with a 98% success rate as reported by their owners.


In addition to learning from this impressive group of dogs I have pursued and completed an extensive formal dog training education, including becoming a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner in 2020.


I find myself in the unique position of being qualified to offer extensive educational support to people who are interested in learning about how to successfully manage LGDs. If you’d like to know more, please spend a little time on the Services pages, and do let me know if you have questions.


I hope you have a great time with the blogs libraries!