How to Build an Incredible
Livestock Guardian Dog

Livestock Guardian Dog Book.JPG

Coming in 2022

This book is my dream project. I have been working on it for four years, and I have loved every minute of it. At one point it existed as a manual for buyers of my pups. Then, when my Benson Maremmas web site was created, I pulled the book chapters content into blogs and added video. Blogs are wonderful because I can change my mind – I can go back and edit as my training education progresses. It is a bit scary to think of writing a book and letting it go out there into the world knowing that I can’t take it back, and that my training education will continue for years and years. But so be it.


Blogs are supposed to be short, so what I share through them are summaries of topics that deserve a deeper look. The book is a thorough and in-depth look at what I have learned about LGDs from many sources.


The success of the LGD training manual I wrote has made me a little braver, in terms of having the audacity to write and publish a book. Through some of my coursework I discovered an editor – one Eileen Anderson – who believes in me, and this project. She says I have the right voice to write it and that she is the right editor to bring the book to completion, so stay tuned. I am excited about this book and believe it is worth waiting for!