How to Get on Waiting List?

Send me an e-mail giving me a little information about what your LGD needs are, your base of experience, the environment the dogs will be asked to work in, and the types of livestock to be guarded.

Have a phone conversation with me so that we can get to know each other a little. If we decide I am not the right breeder for you to be working with I am happy to refer you to other trusted Code of Ethics breeders.

Complete my Puppy Questionnaire.  Please understand that I really care about the information this provides me – two word answers aren’t a good idea for the most part. Please be prepared to spend a little time on this.


I do not accept deposits on puppies. I notify my potential puppy buyers when I breed my dogs, when the puppies are whelped, and then confirm what I feel I may have to offer once the puppies are three weeks of age.

* Final placement decisions are based on the results of the PennHIP testing.

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