Understanding Hip Scores

Understanding PennHIP certificates:

The PennHIP method awards the dog a score for each hip based on a mathematical measurement of the laxity in the hip joint. Movement in a joint is what makes arthritis a concern. PennHIP takes this further though in that they compare the score the dog has been given against other dogs of the same breed; this is the shaded area at the bottom of the certificate. The square box is the median score for the Marremmas who have had PennHIP testing thus far. The green line is where this individual dog scored. 

The PennHIP distraction view refers to one radiograph taken at rest, and then one radiograph taken with seven pounds downward pressure. The mathematical measurement is the movement of the hip joint with this pressure applied.

The PennHIP certificate shown below is - Benson Ranch Bonavento.  I am so proud that we produced him through our breeding program!!!

Blue PennHIP cert.jpg
Bonavento's Hip X-rays
Blue Distraction 2.jpg
Example of Poorly Conformed Hip Joints

The image shown below is a young female that showed no clinical signs of lameness at the time this radiograph was taken. 


This imported dog came with no health guarantee.....

bad hips - un-named female.jpg