Current Litter


Nov 2019

Benson Ranch Cameo x Stoneybrook’s Milan

Cameo had nine pups on Nov 17!

3 girls and 6 boys

Age of placement:   My pups are sold as adolescent dogs only. They will be at least four months old and have had PennHIP testing completed. Giving my puppies significant training prior to them leaving me increases their likelihood of success and the satisfaction of their new owners. This helps to keep my puppies safe in their new lives.


Recent Pups 


May 2019

MeadowCroft Blush x Benson Ranch Bonavento

These two superior dogs have the best hip scores I have ever heard of for Maremmas. I will keep this litter and have hip certification done on all the pups. I’m interested to see if dogs with hips like theirs can produce pups with hip equally as wonderful. We’ll see! The pricing of these pups and the selection of appropriate homes will be dependent on their hip scores.

12 Healthy Puppies 5/8/2019