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Getting Pups Off To A Good Start

by Cindy Benson
Cindy Benson

This training manual was written for the buyers of puppies born and trained here at Benson Ranch to assist my buyers as they transition with their pups into working relationships in their new homes.


Our breeding dogs are exemplary and our training program unique to the LGD industry.

To the buyers of our very special pups – thank you!


To those of you who purchased pups elsewhere, or have LGDs of any age, I hope this information will be helpful to you as well. Dogs (and humans!) learn throughout their lives. Puppies between three to twelve weeks of age learn on speed dial, so this presents a huge opportunity for training. This gives the breeder a unique opportunity to shape the course of their future, however, it is never too late to implement a training program and work towards building a stronger relationship with your LGD – one of trust and partnership.


The right time to begin training your dog or pup is today!


Let the magic begin!

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