Blush x Centurion 2019 Litter

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Benson Ranch proudly announces....

MeadowCroft Blush x Watermark Farm Centurion

DOB:  11/27/2019

11 pups: 8 males, 3 females

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This is an unplanned litter…I would never have bred Blush again so soon had it been up to me, but alas Centurion had other plans. While I was traveling delivering a pair of Blush’s pups by Bonavento he became an escape artist. Blush is doing great and loves being a mom; Centurion now lives in a pasture with electric wire at the top and the bottom just for him!

The dam of the pups is MeadowCroft Blush; her hip scores are .20 & .20. I have heard of only one other Maremma with hip scores as low as hers, other than some of Centurion’s pups. Blush’s sire was bred by Peavine Hollow and her dam was bred by Stoneybook Maremmas. I admire the wisdom and talent of these two breeders immensely. Blush’s dam, Stoneybrook’s Tillie has hip scores of .25 & .23, also out of hip tested parents.

Centurion is a laid back, practical fellow who is trusting and just expects everything to work out fine. He is accepting of new experiences while being attentive. Centurion is a wonderful dog and we feel blessed to have him in our breeding program. He is well conformed, kind and nurturing with his livestock, and his hip scores are wonderful.

Centurion has more hip tested offspring than any other Maremma I have heard of; eighteen pups so far. ALL have scored well within our MSCA Code of Ethics guidelines. Almost all of these pups are working dogs only – wouldn’t it be nice if this was the standard for working dogs as well!

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Started Pups Available now!

4 males and 2 females (as of 7-6-20)