Still doing very well! They are out with the sheep all day. The sheep are doing well too. Sometimes if Max gets too “in their face” the sheep’s body language tells him to back off and he quickly responds – and then is more gentle. It’s really fun to watch from a distance how much inter-species communication is happening!!!  Serendipity is so sly. I’ve seen her slowly inch her way into the thick of the flock and sniff all the sheep without disturbing or alerting any of them. Max is not so sly – but he’s alert and fast and more “on guard”. The dogs are getting along famously and make a super great team. I am so so thankful you trained them so well to respect my space at the gate, to put leashes on and not to jump on me! THANK YOU! They are very well mannered for puppies (Cindy’s note: Max and Serendipity were 9 months old or so at the time this was written). Most adult LGD are not so respectful of space – great job! Makes everyone (humans, dogs, sheep) safer because of that training.

Laura   –   2017 Hannah x Centurion pup and 2017 Benedetto x Tillie pup






“Sadie is doing GREAT! Easiest puppy transition ever. We love her and she is getting along with Gwendolyn and the goat herd just fine. Thanks so much again!

Belinda & Mark  –  2017 Cami x Milan pup

Cami pup Sadie 6 mos.jpg
Spicy w calf.jpg

Cindy is a knowledgeable, common sense and extremely caring person.

She raises her dogs with that and more. A chance meeting with Cindy has led to my education about these amazing dogs.

I lost my first Maremma to extreme hip dysplasia, so looking for another dog led me down a lot of roads. Cindy is the most conscientious breeder I’ve ever met. Her breeding standards are over the top high but just as important is how she raises the pups. Born in the barn, early introduction to gentle livestock, and her early training methods help and direct these pups to become confident, focused and trustworthy guardians of their stock.

Cindy spends countless hours with her dogs, and it shows. If you are looking for amazing dogs to take care of your livestock, you will not be disappointed with Cindy’s knowledge or her dogs. You will have a friend in both, for life.

Renee   –   2017 Hannah x Centurion pup

I met Cindy after we had already lost 2 Maremma to different circumstances. We were determined to learn more about being successful with them and the first thing I remember was Cindy telling us that we needed to have Maremma working in pairs. I am proud to say that we have 2 of Cindy’s trained pups not paired each with an older Maremma in 2 separate pastures. The difference I see with the Maremma this time is how well behaved they are at the gate. I don’t have to do much to have them understand the personal space we require.

We have been fortunate to be able to visit Cindy and see for ourselves the wealth of knowledge and experience she has endured to get to where she is with her Maremma. It is truly fascinating and a feat in itself what she accomplishes on a daily basis. Cindy is able to support any question and situation I bring to her with a lot of patience and understanding.

Janet – 2017 Hannah x Centurion pup and 2017 Liliana x Centurion pup

Lili w 9 wk pups.jpg
boys w foal.jpg
Gardening buddies.jpg

After speaking with a handful of breeders I found Cindy, in the first minute of the conversation I knew she was the right person for me to work with. She put a tremendous amount of time and energy into understanding my situation and educating me about her dogs. This was a big decision for me as I had no previous experience with LGD’s. I did not want to bring them to my farm unless there was some assurance that things would go well for everyone involved. Cindy cares deeply for her dogs and it was clear she would not send dogs my way if she didn’t think it could work, so I knew I was safe! Her program is centered on training so I knew the dogs would be prepared to work. In addition, with the focus on hip scores I had confidence in their soundness.

Cindy matched me up with a pair of working males, Max and Logan. She brought them to my farm to introduce them to the layout and observe. My situation is unique in that I have a 35 acre horse ranch and the dogs cover the entire spread, a more complicated situation to navigate as there is access to my home and driveway as well as pastures and livestock. I will never forget the first day, watching Max and Logan go to work instantly. They found the borders of the farm and explored the new territory calmly and systematically, all their senses at play, with my house dogs trotting along beside them. They methodically made friends with every horse on the property reading them like masters.  These dogs are joyful and confident, they love to work. They are always on task, never distracted by their access to all aspects of the farm. They are beautiful, sweet working companions when I am out doing chores. They handle people coming and going with no issues, a gentle greeting then back to work, always dependable.

I have had the dogs for about 6 months and I cannot imagine life without them. Introducing them to the farm seems seamless as I look back but there were significant keys to our success. Cindy knows her dogs, how they think and operate. She was able to teach me enough so that I could handle them properly and guide them in any situation without stress or confusion. She was available for questions along the way. My role has been to provide proper husbandry and simply gain the knowledge to preserve and respect the amazing mind set these dogs have through their training and natural instincts. I keep them safe and let them be who they are. They handle the rest and I know my farm is covered.

Sara Perkins